Wordpress autoupdates with Caddy 2?

I had all kinds of problems setting up Caddy to run Wordpress, see this post:

Now it’s running, but Wordpress tells me it can’t autoupdate neither itself nor any plugins/themes.

Is this a Caddy-related issue?

Apparently it’s not possible to save drafts or posts either…

I highly doubt that’s related to Caddy. Your user under which PHP-FPM runs is probably lacking write permissions to the wordpress plugins directories.

Ah, something more to troubleshoot.
I’ll look into that

That was one problem - I ended up having to set
in wp-config.php to get autoupdates to work.
The problem with saving posts and drafts was a completely different problem, the new “Block editor” in WP that required a different permalink setting to work for drafts and posts…

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Okay, so this is solved?

Yes it’s solved!

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