Will upgrades on Debian cause downtime?

Hi. If I upgrade via apt on Debian (installed from the repo) - will it cause a downtime? And if so, what’s the preferred way to do upgrades?

I’ve noticed there’s a caddy upgrade if caddy is installed via binary.

Caddy 1 had graceful upgrades, but due to lack of demand thus far in Caddy v2 I haven’t brought it over from v1 yet.

I’d be happy to be commissioned to work on this (or it would be covered at a certain sponsorship tier) but so far because we’ve had so few requests for it, and it’s quite complex, it’s not high on my priority list.

I think a lot of people who need this typically have HA clusters set up in the first place (like Kubernetes) to allow instances to go down and up without downtime.

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To clarify what Matt means, currently to upgrade Caddy you need to restart the process, so that will incur a small amount of downtime (ideally only a couple seconds at most, but it depends how much provisioning stuff your config causes Caddy to do).

The caddy upgrade command simply downloads a new binary and swaps it in place.

If you installed Caddy using the apt repo and aren’t using any plugins, then you shouldn’t use this command, and you should instead just run apt upgrade, and the service will automatically be restarted (see dist/scripts/postinstall.sh at cd39178d252a610fee6aa8465c787d9c780007a2 · caddyserver/dist · GitHub)


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