Wildcard subdomains with SSL

I want to setup wildcard subdomains with SSL. Ideally I would like to use Let’s Encrypt with free SSL certs like I do now for regular domains. Let’s Encrypt isn’t supposed to support this until Jan 2018 (see FAQ - Let's Encrypt), so I am assuming that Caddy won’t be able to support that flow until then.

In the meantime, can someone confirm that the only way to do this with Caddy right now is to buy an SSL cert and configuring caddy to use it?

I would just like to verify that there isn’t a free option available before I go that route. I was trying to search existing issues and past posts to verify, but Github appears to be down right now so that was proving challenging :frowning:


You can use On-Demand TLS, but you’ll still be subject to Let’s Encrypt’s rate limits.

Thanks! I was wondering if there was a workaround like this in the meantime, but was struggling to Google the right thing. :slight_smile:

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