Why does this proxy config result in a HTTPS redirect?

any idea why specifying the site label as you say would still result in a redirect to https?
using docker caddy/caddy:alpine
Screenshot from 2020-02-27 21-02-38

# domain name

root * /io/www/html


@ows {
    path_regexp map_file ^/ows/(.*)

# directly call QGIS via fcgi
reverse_proxy @ows qgisserver:9993 {
    transport fastcgi {
        env QUERY_STRING {query}&map=/io/data/{http.regexp.map_file.1}.qgs
        env PGSERVICEFILE /io/.pg_service.conf

Caddy won’t be generating a redirect with that Caddyfile.

I would investigate your FastCGI upstream as the most likely culprit.

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