Which DB file for correct http.ipfilter use

Hi. I’m wanting to use country based filtering with the http.ipfilter plugin. The docs refer to free access to GeoLite’s databases. The docs also use the file format .mmdb in the examples. But I think .mmdb format is only available to paying MaxMind customers.

Will the plugin read csv files?

If so which one do I use? I’ve downloaded the “GeoLite2 Country: CSV Format” product/ Within that zip archive is:

The ipfilter plugin is an unofficial plugin, from GitHub - pyed/ipfilter: ipfilter is a middleware for Caddy that blocks or allows requests based on the client's IP

It seems that due to GDPR and other regulations, MaxMind had to stop providing the .mmdb files for free as of last month: Significant Changes to Accessing and Using GeoLite2 Databases | MaxMind Blog

I think you’ll need to open an issue on the ipfilter repo to ask for .csv support to be added.

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Ah, ok. Thanks for the info.

You can still get the GeoLite2 .mmdb files for free, you just need to register for a license key (which is free). Takes just a few minutes to sign up for a free account and set up the scheduled updater with your credentials.

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Doh! You are absolutely right.

Sorry, I’m new to all this and now realise that “GeoIP2 Binary” means it is the .mmdb format.


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