Where are the docs for DNS providers?

It looks like all the documentation for the various DNS providers has been removed from https://caddyserver.com/v1/docs/tls.dns.blah. Why? And where has it gone? Specifically, where are the environment variables that set the credentials documented? About four links away from there, I get to the lego docs, but that still doesn’t tell me what variables I need to set so that Caddy knows how to make the appropriate changes to the DNS records.

Yes, I know Caddy 2 is in beta, but that’s what it is–BETA. And however good your reasons, it’s still highly incompatible with v1. Seems like you’re deprecating the production release while it’s still current.

No, they’re definitely still there, for example: https://caddyserver.com/v1/docs/tls.dns.cloudflare

The table is still here: https://caddyserver.com/v1/docs/automatic-https#dns-challenge

Lego docs are probably more up-to-date.

I don’t know why the docs aren’t appearing for you, but I promise we haven’t changed anything in Caddy 1. Everything is the same as before as far as these are concerned.

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Yes, the page is there, but the credentials aren’t documented there–I’d thought they had been, though I suppose I could be mistaken.

Don’t remember seeing that table before, but it has the information I wasn’t seeing earlier.

The README that all those docs pages link to also link to the table: dnsproviders/README.md at master · caddyserver/dnsproviders · GitHub

Anyway, nothing has changed lately :slight_smile:

The docs are being improved for Caddy 2 as well.

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