What's the state of the new context package in caddy?

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I’ve been away for some time and I am trying to catch up. As a warm up micro-project I’d like to hack a plugin that creates a Content-Security-Policy nonce that can be used in templates. A prominent use case would be the inline CSS of the browse default template. Such a nonce is request scoped and thus a perfect example for the new context package in Go 1.7.

So, what’s the state of context in caddy? Is it discouraged (as of now)?

I could transparently (that’s the beauty of context) use the context package in a feature branch until Go 1.7 is stable.


I expect the first release of Caddy that follows the Go 1.7 release will be built on Go 1.7. After that I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to use the Context type in Caddy.

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