Websocket behind proxy - socket stops working / no error

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I am working with a websocket connection behind proxy. The websocket is used to inform the user of a completion status of a downloaded file with status bar. After 25% the websocket stops reporting back.

I looked at other posts and initially though it was a timeout issue. I have adjusted the timeout to various settings like 5m / 1hr / 2 hr / and none. It didn’t help.

I don’t see anything in the logs that indicates a problem. Can someone help me troubleshoot this further to see what is happening? It works fine on a nginx reverse proxy.

Files are large about 50mb on average.

I am currently using version: Caddy 0.10.8

app.test1.com {
     timeouts 2h
     proxy / localhost:3000 {

Thank you!

(Matt Holt) #2

It looks like your logs are not enabled. What if you enable the log and errors directives, as well as running Caddy with the -log flag? At least the request should be logged and you should get some idea from one of these logs.

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