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I have realized that if I host one site on that is listening on one domain and another that is listening to one of the IPs linked on the server.

So Server 1 has and

Now if I portforward port 80 and 443 to which contains I can send a vhost request to that domain and get even though that is bound to a different IP than the first one. Should the scenario be here that it should not return that domain as it is not listening to that IP? As I wanted now was a local domain that is only resolvable locally.

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My understanding is that if you bind Caddy over multiple IP addresses, it will serve all sites on all IP addresses it’s listening to.

I haven’t ever had to do this myself, but I expect you’d want to run multiple instances of Caddy, one for each IP address you want to be discrete from each other.

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Thank you I have decided to do just that. As it improves security as well as I can complete block off the instances from each other. I was worried about performance impact but it seems there were no issues.

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