Webpage access count

Hey there!

General system information: Latest Caddy version, Ubuntu 20.04, using the Caddyfile.

I have some webpages and redirects for which I’d love to count how often they’re being accessed.
I’d be fine with a little log, writing a line with access time and IP of the client into a file.

Currently, I’m using a log parser for these webpages and have their log level set to info, however that’s really not very ressource efficient. Is there a better way to do this in caddy itself?

There’s nothing built-in to do this, but you could write a Caddy plugin in Go to do it.

Parsing Caddy access logs shouldn’t really be inefficient though, you should be able to read the logs as a stream and do something with it as new logs are written.

You could use Caddy’s net log writer and write a little server-style app that ingests the logs and does stuff with it. That would also be pretty fast if written well.


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