V2: Rewrite GET as POST request?

Make sure you’re using beta 18 or newer.

Ah, I see. I think setting up my own docker dev environment for a locally customized caddy goes beyond my ability. I will wait patiently for the updates. Thank you for all your help.

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I figured out how to do what I want via the openresty implementation of nginx, and after working with that, I can see why you were motivated to create Caddy. Here’s my solution for anyone who may come upon this thread.

I also needed to unescape the query parameters from the GET request in order to properly write them into the POST body, and if that is not already implemented in Caddy, I guess it would be easy to add. Thanks again for your support in this forum.

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Yes, when Caddy placeholders access query string parameters, the returned value is already decoded.

In any case, your task will be much easier with Caddy than with nginx – probably Caddy 2.1 or something around there.