V2: PHP doesnt work on pages other than index.php

PHP works on the home page but not on any other pages or other directories. How do you get other php files to work?

You’re going to have to give us a lot more information than that to help you. Please fill out the thread template that comes with making a post, it helps us understand the context of your question.

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Look… it’s not that complicated. It’s not going to make any difference what the system settings are, it doesnt matter what my config is because obviously it’s not right because it’s not working.

If you could just answer my question, I would appreciate it. You can answer this question by posting YOUR CONFIG file if your PHP is working properly.

An example of a working config is far more helpful than posting one that doesn’t work.

No, you’re wasting OUR time by not obeying the forum rules. We’re volunteering our time to help people. You’re being disrespectful by acting this way.

Please post the version of Caddy you’re using (it’s important to know if you’re using v1 or v2, because they are significantly different), your Caddyfile, and the file structure of the site you’re trying to serve.

Edit: I see you’re using v2 from the thread title, my bad on that point.

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Yes, we know they’re not right because they’re not working. To make them right, we need to see the current state of your config. We can’t fix broken config if we don’t know what the config is like and see how is it broken. Every app config is different, so whatever we have isn’t going to help. Plus, I think the docs on the website have some examples.


Here’s my working config for PHP:

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