V2 logging syntax


could someone give me a hint regarding logging. I couldn’t find any information on the syntax to configure access/error logging. It says that logging is still very much WIP but if I understand correctly, some basic logging should already be available.


I’m actively working on logging in v2, right now it does not exist yet. :slight_smile: Thanks for your interest though, it’s something I am working on today and next week so hopefully we’ll have it ready soon!

What are you going for specifically? What are you needing your logs to look like?

Hi Matt,
thanks for your reply, great to hear logging is underway. I was playing with http/3 and wanted to check if cloudflare is pulling using http/3 from Caddy.
Cheers, Jan

@Jan_Werner Logging is imminent: v2: Logging! by mholt · Pull Request #2831 · caddyserver/caddy · GitHub

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