Using with Monitorix

I’m trying to set up Caddy to proxy Monitorix. Internally, Monitorix is running on localhost:8066
So far I’ve set it up like this in my caddyfile: {
    proxy / http://localhost:8066/

When visiting, the main page shows. But nothing else. I can see in DevTools that it’s trying to load resources from localhost:8066:

On Monitorix FAQ, there are instructions how to set up nginx and Apache to run with Monitorix: Monitorix :: FAQ
But I am not experienced enough with Caddy (or reverse proxies in general) to be able to translate that into my caddyfile.

I hope someone can help, thanks in advance!

Hi @Inrego, welcome to the Caddy community.

Try adding the transparent preset to your proxy like so:

proxy / localhost:8066 {

And let us know if it still has issues.

That works, thanks!

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