Using caddy with multiple sites


I have used Laradock to create containers on my server. I run php and Nginx. my Nginx server is configured as follows:

  1. multiple sites with site config in individual .conf files in the sites directory.
  2. one of the sites is set up as a reverse proxy to another container running owncloud
  3. have two domain names running through the server with multiple sub domains.


www.haXXYY ā† static type site with no subdomains
www.mbXXYY <-static site
beta.bmXXYY ā† php site used for app development
cloud.mbXXYY. ā† reverse proxy on a separate container

what Iā€™m trying to do is use Caddy in the Caddy Laradock container to generate the certs for each of these sites but I cannot figure out how to do this.

I want two certs

  1. cert for
    2 wildcard cert for *

Has anyone done something like this and know how to configure the caddy file for it ?


This should be reasonably straightforward. What have you tried?

In essense set up the public facing caddy server and proxy the required domains to your nginx instance.

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