Using Caddy proxy as timeout protection for Rails app

(Giovanni Bonetti) #1

Hi there,
I’d like to use Caddy to abort long running requests to my Rails app.

I have read the proxy docs and found lots of timeout directives, but I don’t know if any of those will help.

My Caddyfile is something like this: {
    log stdout
    timeouts 30s

    proxy / {

    errors stderr {
        404 public/404.html # Not Found
        422 public/422.html # Unprocessable Entity
        500 public/500.html # Internal Server Error
        503 public/500.html # Service Unavailable

If I load a page that doesn’t respond in time the browser gets an error “empty reply from server”. But my app keeps running the request since it is unaware of Caddy’s timeouts.

What I need is a way to make the Caddy proxy abort the request to the app server.
I see some great work in this area has been made already:

It seems like this topic has been discussed already, but it doesn’t seem like a solution has been found.

It would be awesome if I could use Caddy proxy to do the following:

  • Abort the long running request to the app (close the socket) - like a 499 error - which would stop processing immediately
  • Show a nice error page to the user. Maybe a 503 Service Unavailable error? It is better than leaving the browser with an empty response.