Using Caddy behind a load balancer

Hello, I’m using Caddy v2 and was wondering what the best way is to use Caddy along with a load balancer. We have 30 Caddy instances (10 in Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific) and we’d like to have a load balancer for them. We use AWS for all of these. Are there any settings I need to change in Caddy to get this working?

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You need to make sure your load balancer is in TCP mode, not in HTTP mode, so that it doesn’t try to terminate TLS handshakes before it reaches Caddy.

Other than that, :man_shrugging:

Since you’re managing a large deployment, please consider sponsoring! Different tiers offer different modes and urgency of private support / help for your company.

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Seconding what Francis said. You might also want to configure them to use the same storage so that they can share and coordinate certificate stuff.

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