Using caddy as a task scheduler

Caddy welcome page mentions it can be used as a task scheduler. Where are examples or documentation for that?

It’s essentially an example of something Caddy could be turned into with plugins, due to the flexibility of Caddy’s core architecture.

The set of modules that come with Caddy by default don’t really let you do this, but it could easily be extended with plugins that do this.

You may be interested in GitHub - abiosoft/caddy-exec: Caddy v2 module for running one-off commands which can let you run commands at startup/shutdown, which should get you half-way there.

O thanks. I was expecting a different answer. Anyhow, the plugin system is quite approachable, so that’s great.

I don’t even know go and in one weekend I managed to add db/sqlite access and forms processing to the templates module and converted wmark’s http.upload to a caddy module. And for me, a non programmer, caddy becomes a handsome tool. Great job guys.


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