Username is Required

(Anthony S) #1

I’ve been using Caddy for about 9 months with no issues. I restarted my pc and when I went to fire up Caddy I got the following:

Activating privacy features... 2019/03/29 21:11:57 Username is required

I’m not totally sure where to set this username. I’ve made 0 configuration changes since I first set things up months ago so I’m a tad confused on what happened.

When I initially setup Caddy I had to compile it specifically for Will I have to do that again? I currently don’t have go installed on this pc and I remember having a hard time figuring it all out the first time so I hope not.

Thanks in advance for any help.

(Matt Holt) #2

I don’t actually know off-hand, but a wild guess: it could be that changed their API recently?

(Anthony S) #3

If that’s the case how would I go about getting it updated?

I believe I used the plugin here:

(Anthony S) #4

Can I just get a push in the right direction? This isn’t my area of expertise but I managed to get the app compiled the first time around.

Also, is there an easier way around this? Like changing the nameservers of my domains or moving them to a different service. Something that will at least get my site back online in the meantime?

Any solution would be greatly appreciated.

(Matthew Fay) #5

One important question is, “Why is namedotcom in the Caddy documentation, and the dnsproviders repo, but not available from the download page/build server?”

lego supports the namedotcom provider, is there a problem with the Caddyserver wrapper? Any thoughts @matt?

(Matt Holt) #6

I just never got around to adding it to the Caddy website. Did it just now.

(Matthew Fay) #7

Cheers @matt!

@v3xx3d, grab the latest version from the website with the tls.dns.namedotcom plugin included and let us know if you’re still running into problems?

(Anthony S) #8

Everything works great now!

Thanks guys! @matt @Whitestrake