User Debug Output directive?


As I develop Caddyfiles I often times need to output some information during the pipeline. This is information I only use during development. The way I do it today is to use respond directives, which works fine except:

  • I cannot examine whether a named matcher is matching or not
  • respond stops execution at that point.
  • I only get one shot of output, it would often times be handy to output values at different points.

I have turned on debug logging and that does not really solve the problem. The information in debug logs is too dense & crowded. And it does not display my placeholders.

I really only want to output the value of 1 or 2 placeholders at multiple places in the Caddyfile pipeline of directives.

Feature Idea: debugout directive?

What I would really like is a debugout directive, its only job is to take an input string and output it to stdout, no JSON, no other formatting just a string output.


debugout "path: {path}, myplaceholder: {myplaceholder}"

It would be important that the directive could be placed pretty much anywhere.

  • inside named matcher declarations
  • inside handle blocks

It would also be useful to be able to control the behavior with an environment variable:

  • e.g. if CADDY_DEBUGOUT is set then this directive would output the strings, if not then debugout is a NOP.

Feature Idea: named matcher output?

Plus, is there a way to see the value of a named matcher? e.g. just ‘true’ or ‘false’ (this has burned me a number of times where I thought a named matcher had a match but it was not matching anything). Here is what I do today:

@mymatcher {

handle @mymatcher {
  respond "useful string of info"

Maybe I am messed up in the head?

Maybe something exists and I am unaware? Or maybe there are some better “best practices” for development?


You could easily write a Caddy plugin to do this.

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