Use local hosted apps with ssl via caddy

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is there anyway to access local hosted apps with ssl via caddy? what I mean is, I want to visit for example and I want it to have https. I tried doing that through a dns but didn’t work as I wanted since I need to go through a different domain. also please note that I can’t forward any port, it’s block by my ISP

Yes, with Caddy’s built-in Local HTTPS.

But if you’re only using Caddy within your local network and not from outside your network, you won’t have much benefit to using HTTPS, unless you specifically mistrust certain devices on your network to be listening in on the traffic. It’ll only make it harder to use, since you’ll need to install Caddy’s root CA cert on each of the devices you’ll use to connect to Caddy.

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I’m actually only looking to get rid of that annoying triangle that appears next to http, it kinda triggers me and Idk why.

how to install caddy root CA certificate tho?

The root cert is stored in the data directory by default, in the pki subfolder. Then just google "how to install root certificate on <platform>" (replacing “<platform>” with whatever you’re installing it onto). Hope that helps!

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