Upgrading of a custom build

Hi there Caddy enthusiasts!

I downloaded a “custom build” of Caddy a few months ago, and have been using it very happily on my Raspberry Pi.

I’d now like to upgrade to the latest version, but I can’t remember what “custom build” features I chose (lame, I know!).

Is there a command I can run, or a header I can check, to tell me what capabilities my currently running version of Caddy was built with??

When in doubt, click all the boxes.

Better yet, write a script to pull the appropriate file down for you.

From 0.8.3, you can list all directives with the following.

caddy -directives

Great question! And this:

is the correct answer :wink:

As of Caddy 0.9 (not yet available from the Download page, as it is still in beta), that flag is getting replaced with -plugins which is a little more descriptive.


@captncraig Well, I realise now that would have been the best thing do :smiley:

@abiosoft @matt Thanks for that guys, I’ll see what version I’m running and if I can use the -directives parameter.

If not, I’ll know for next time!

And thanks for all your work @matt, great product, so many clever tricks! (git, hugo, prometheus etc) I do tell all my friends about it, even if they don’t listen :smile:


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