Unable to reload caddy's config with USR1

Hey, I’m running caddy 0.10.9. I am trying to reload its configuration by sending USR1 / SIGUSR1 signals to the caddy process, but sadly it doesn’t seem to even register these.

The commands which I executed:

shell@connect ~> pgrep caddy

shell@connect ~> kill -s USR1 2940
shell@connect ~> pkill -USR1 caddy
shell@connect ~> pkill -SIGUSR1 2940
(1) shell@connect ~> sudo kill -USR1 2940
[sudo] password for shell:
shell@connect ~> pkill -SIGUSR1 caddy

I also tried to send the same signal through htop, but that did not help either. Caddy is running fine and still serves websites. Caddy is run by the user shell and has been invoked without any arguments.

What does the process log tell you after you signal the process? (You’ll need the -log option)

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For example:

Matt at hermes in ~/Projects/test
→ caddy -version
Caddy 0.10.9

Matt at hermes in ~/Projects/test
→ caddy -log stdout
Activating privacy features... done.
2017/09/28 09:41:22

From another terminal:

Matt at hermes in ~
→ pkill -SIGUSR1 caddy

In my case, it received SIGUSR1 as expected.

2017/09/28 09:41:27 [INFO] SIGUSR1: Reloading
2017/09/28 09:41:27 [INFO] Reloading
2017/09/28 09:41:27 [INFO] Reloading complete
2017/09/28 09:41:27 http: Server closed
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Ah, I figured it out. The git directive did not like that I renamed my repo url and the folder name, it complained about a mismatch. The config was not valid, basically, so it did not reload. Sorry for the trouble :slight_smile:


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