TLS self_signed breaking server

HI guys, me again
I am trying to setup my own Caddy server and adds HTTPS. I want to use a self generated certificate for testing locally my website over https

I have the following Caddyfile

localhost:2020 { bind {$ADDRESS} proxy / { transparent } tls self_signed }

When I remove the tls self_signed parameter everything works fine but when it is on, all is broken, and my only response is a bunch of unreadable characters as you can see.

Here is the output from the caddy command
Activating privacy features... done. https://localhost:2020 WARNING: File descriptor limit 1024 is too low for production servers. At least 8192 is recommended. Fix with "ulimit -n 8192".

Am I doing something wrong or could it be an issue ?

You’re making an HTTP request to an HTTPS endpoint. Use HTTPS instead.


Well, I’m completely dumb… thanks I though it was a completely different problem

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