TLS 1.3 Support?

The IESG has approved TLS protocol version 1.3 …

The area that was most controversial was around the inclusion of a 0-RTT mode that has different security properties than the rest of TLS. Announcement
HackerNews Discussion

I see that Caddy currently supports TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 … are plans for supporting 1.3 already in the works? Will 0-RTT mode be off by default? Someone on HackerNews wrote,

I hope embeddings like Nginx add a nice configuration interface like “enable_0rtt YES_I_UNDERSTAND_THIS_MIGHT_BE_INSANE;” or similar.

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We’re just waiting for Go to implement it in the standard library. When that happens, Caddy will get TLS 1.3, sure enough. Not sure yet about 0-RTT.


It looks like the GoLang request for TLS 1.3 is still open, unfortunately.

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