There are some ways to get caddy, whats the difference between them?

And what will I miss, if I go build like this file (

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Good question @leeds:

  1. The Caddy website is the recommended way to get Caddy, as it makes it easy to choose plugins.
  2. can be used for automated installs, including plugins.
  3. Building from source yourself with go build is also fine, and actually highly recommended if you want the latest fixes (or bugs!) on master. However, you’ll have to go get and plug in any plugins you want yourself. (It’s easy - better docs on the way eventually.)
  4. You can get it with Docker via a container by @abiosoft.

Thanks matt, and correct me if I am wrong.

As to point 3, when you say “plugins”, you mean the directives in this page (Welcome — Caddy Documentation) with a label A or Addon, while others are built-ins with caddy, right?

Correct. :slight_smile:

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