The SSL take time (10m) to activate the domain

(Job Noam) #1

This is our caddyfile (version: 0.10.9):

* {
    tls /etc/ssl_custom/exampleme.pem /etc/ssl_custom/exampleme.key
    proxy / {
        header_downstream server "Example"
:443 {
    tls {
        max_certs 500000
    proxy / {
        header_downstream server "Example"

After 10m the domain is working with SSL and everything. But until then the brwoser wrote there is a problem with the SSL.

Any idea way?


(Matthew Fay) #2

Is this a * domain or a :443 domain you’re having trouble with?

Are you able to share Caddy logs during the attempt to connect to your sites when your browser gives you an error? (Run Caddy with the -log option).

(Job Noam) #3

It’s give me the error on that: :443
And sorry I can’t share the logs because it’s production and I don’t have logs there. sorry

(Matthew Fay) #4


No logging on production, that’s unfortunate. There’s a large number of possible problems going on here, and the best way (that won’t involve hours and hours of trial and error) is to simply check what Caddy is telling you, via process, access, and error logs.

Unless you can do that, your best chance might be to hope that someone else on the forums here has experienced the same symptoms and pinned down the cause on their own systems.

(Job Noam) #5

I also agree with you but when we tried to add the logs last time our “caddy service” go down. So we disable it.
I know it’s the best way but we wanted the working way :wink:

(system) #6

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