Testing CoreDNS

diff --git a/plugins.go b/plugins.go
index 0226747..ee9de73 100644
--- a/plugins.go
+++ b/plugins.go
@@ -89,6 +89,12 @@ type serverListener struct {
        packet   net.PacketConn
+// LocalAddr returns the local network address for the packet connection.
+func (s serverListener) LocalAddr() net.Addr { return s.packet.LocalAddr() }
+// Addr returns the listener's network address.
+func (s serverListener) Addr() net.Addr { return s.listener.Addr() }
 // Context is a type which carries a server type through
 // the load and setup phase; it maintains the state
 // between loading the Caddyfile, then executing its

too quick. You still need serverListener…

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