Subject Alternative

in when I use this syntax for example: --issue -d -d -d

I have a certificate for and with alternate subject field filled in for the other sites for each โ€œ-d othersiteโ€ i put.

like this:

What is the Caddy equivalent of this like?

Caddy version: 2.4.6 OS Linux

Hi :wave:

Please update to caddy v2.5.1, which has been released 14 days ago :innocent:
v2.4.6 is fairly old :woman_shrugging:

Regarding your actual question about multiple SAN (Subject Alternate Name) per certificate:

No, caddy will only issue certificates with exactly one SAN, not multiple.
If you want to know a bit more why, check this post here:

That specific post goes quite in depth, but feel free to read the whole thread :slight_smile:


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