Strange Bugs (file_server and reverse_proxy)

This is not yet an official bug report, just want to know whether such problems are known.

I am running caddy as a net facing server in my home network, one the one hand as a reverse proxy to SCM Manager, a web frontend to manage and serve SVN, Mercurial and GIT, and on the other hand two static sites, in total with three domain names.

First stange bug: For the static websites, Caddy manipulates HTML pages on delivery. Specifically, on some few <a> elements, it adds a “shape=rect” attribute (which is deprecated, btw.). I haven’t figured out yet on which condition it does this.

Second strange bug: Accessing my Mercurial repositories works fine, both within my home network and from remote – except from my company’s workplace. Here, the access operates via the company’s proxy servers, which are Squid proxies of various versions (one quite recent). I get a 504 Gateway error. Yesterday I spent a lot of time on researching this and found out that this is caused by a failed communication between Caddy and the Jetty-based SCM Manager. I have configured the reverse proxy to use plain HTTP on a specific port. The first request works fine. For the next request, Caddy sends binary stuff, which is rejected by Jetty with the respective 504. The first byte of the data is 0x16, which seems to be a TLS Hello message. But I did not configure any TLS.

I am quite puzzled.


Please fill out the help topic template. It’s there for a reason, so we can be on the same page when discussing your issues. It’ll save time for both you and us.

This is definitely not Caddy doing this. Not from any standard module, anyways.

Again, impossible to say without seeing your version, config, logs, etc. Please fill out the help topic template.

For the first problem, I have to beg pardon. It turned out that the static site builder that I use added the “shape=rect” attribute. I looked into the template from which the HTML file was generated and which does not contain that attribute, thus I came to the wrong conclusion.

For the other problem, I’ll see whether I can provide some more information.


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