Staging - saving certificates?

I’m testing out my setup and that the whole process works as expected.

  • I’m using DNSimple as my DNS provider (tls { dns dnsimple})
  • I set the environment variables DNSIMPLE_EMAIL and DNSIMPLE_API_KEY (which by the way, should be the DNSimple v1 key and not v2)
  • I set -ca switch when booting up caddy.

I expect the “fake” SSL certificates are written on the disk, but I do not see anything written on $HOME/.caddy after I visit the page, verifying that an SSL cert is served (but not trusted by my browser).

What else should I try to do? Am I understanding correctly that something should be written into ~/.caddy?

That’s the usual behaviour, yes. How are you running Caddy?

Ok, I feel silly now. I checked HOME, assuming CADDYPATH wasn’t set – but it was.

Thanks for answering anyway.

I wonder, would it be helpful if Caddy during bootup mentioned where it’d write the certs?

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I could see it being useful as an INFO line on startup.

The github issues is the right place to put a feature request so people can discuss it.

Ok. Thanks, will file!

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