SSL private key?

Hello guys,

I’m having a small confusion about the SSL private key that is required when configuring caddy.

I made a CSR using a public(A) and a private key(B). Sent it to CA and they sent me back my SSL certificate( C). When setting up Caddy, I need to provide a public and a private key.

I know that the public key I need to provide to caddy is the SSL certificate( C). What I don’t know is whether the private key is the private key(B) that I used to generate the CSR with. Or whether the CA must give me another private key.

Any help will mean a lot,
Thank you

Yes, it’s the one you generated. A CA should NEVER give you a private key.

Just curious, why don’t you let Caddy manage the cert automatically? That’s the whole point.

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I wish I could. But the person I’m doing this for is very firm on using his own certificate.

Thank you for the help, Matt.

Do you know if Caddy must be restarted once the Let’s Encrypt certificate expire? Or does it refresh automatically while running?

Caddy automatically maintains and renews certificates from Let’s Encrypt or ZeroSSL. No restarts required (that would defeat the purpose).

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