SQLite and Caddy?

Can you point me in the right direction to install SQLite in the Caddy environment?

This question doesn’t make sense. SQLite and Caddy have no relationship with eachother.

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I wish there was a way to ask a simple question without having to fill out an entire form. I’d love to see a “preinstall” option for a preinstall question.

I just wanted to know if I had to do something special with the Caddy configuration file or can I install SQLite like I normally do using nginx.

Your question makes no sense, like I said. There’s no relationship between a webserver and a database. That’s an application-level concern.

You might as well be asking “how do I push an apple into an orange?”

This is very much in https://xyproblem.info/ territory. What problem are you actually trying to solve here?


I don’t know Caddy as well as you do. I’m new to this ecosystem.

I attached a sample config file. It shows PHP in the config file. So I was just asking if there’s any SQLite references that I need to put into the config file.

I’m going to ASSume no.

So your question is how to install SQLite for use with PHP? That has nothing to do with Caddy at all. Caddy is a webserver, all it does is pass incoming requests to PHP then write PHP’s response back to the client.

You’re probably looking for the php-sqlite package from your system package manager, or whatever.

Again, this is https://xyproblem.info/, you’re asking the wrong question. Why do you think you need SQLite?

I use SQLite as my main database. It’s awesome. Way better than MYSQL for my purposes (and I serve a lot of traffic).

Okay, but once again, how does that have anything to do with Caddy? Why do you think it has anything to do with Caddy? What led you to believe that? You’re not asking questions that make sense.


Before I take the time to try to install Caddy, I just wanted to know if there was a configuration needed to add in the Caddy setup file (like is needed for PHP):

No, because like I said, Caddy has absolutely nothing to do with your choice of database. They’re not connected in any way. PHP talks to your database, Caddy does not.

Great! Thank you!

(Sorry for the confusion. I also didn’t quite know how to answer your question. We don’t see a lot of questions like this so thank you for taking the time to explain.)

My pleasure to help, Matt.

As I said above, I think you’re missing out on some great discussions by forcing everyone to fill out an extensive form. Almost none of the form’s questions applied to the simple preinstall question I asked. (I felt like I was in high school again.)

I admire the form’s questions once Caddy is installed. Makes perfect sense.

If you had a “preinstall” section where someone could participate, I’d bet you’d get a lot of interesting preinstall questions (and more adoption).

Keep doin’ what you’re doing, Matt!