Specifying index file for php/symfony app

I have to entry file in my symfony 1.4 app and they are frontend.php and admin.php , i want to configure the caddyfile so that ,

it will redirect to /frontend.php{query} from /
it will redirect to /frontend.php{query} from /frontend.php
it will redrirect to /admin.php{query} from /admin.php

the whole point is i want to make frontend.php as index file ,
can anybody help me ?

Hi @devRoshan,

If you’re using fastcgi, you can change the default index file using the index subdirective. As for redirections, you’re looking for redir.


There is no need to redirect /frontend.php to redirect to /frontend.php{query} because the query is included unless you strip it off. Same goes for /admin.php.

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