Slow "Started certificate maintenance routine"?

I’m still messing around with my Caddyfile, so I do a fair bit of changes/restarts, and sometimes I run into “Started certificate maintenance routine”. From what I’ve been able to find it seems to just run for a few seconds, and then proceed with the startup, but mine seems to get stuck. I haven’t left it running for hours, but at least 15 minutes.

Reverting the Caddyfile makes Caddy run normally, and changing it again gets the same issue.

Is it normal for it to run for a long time?

Are you stopping and starting Caddy or are you doing graceful reloads (signal USR1)?

There should be some other output around that message outlining what it’s doing.

I run “systemctl start/stop/restart caddy”.

Finally got DNS auth to work, so I’m guessing the issue was related to some sort of bad config.

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