Siris & Caddy - Understanding them

I was wondering what are the key differences between Siris and the current Caddy Server. Not just in terms of features offered, but also in terms of speed, resource usage and ease of use.

I find configuring caddy is easy and the issues I have had so far is because am thinking like an apache / nginx / lighthttp / nodejs sysadmin, so almost all the time I have to reboot myself.

Also I could not pin point a category for this topic since it is not help but more of a peer to peer discussion to learn more.

Siris is a web framework. That means you need to plug in the logic you need. You would only use Siris if you were knowledgeable in Go and can add the logic your site needs by yourself.

On the other hand, Caddy is a web server. Caddy is designed to serve files that make up a website (with optional preprocessing, such as FastCGI handling and Markdown parsing).

As for the resource usage… well, both are ultimately based on Go’s net/http library, so the same basic characteristics apply.


Excellent answer Andrew, thank you for clarifying. Had no idea about the differences.

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