Setup a Reverse Proxy with Ghost & Leadpages


I’m self-hosting a Ghost blog and would like to run it on a subdirectory from my main domain that is on Leadpages.

Looking at Digital Ocean, I found “Caddy”, but I’m totally new and not used to this.

I need help understanding how to write the Caddyfile, and how to run or activate it.

Also, I have specific URLs today: all my blog articles are parameters.

Meaning I am transitioning from: to

Do you think it’s possible to setup this inside the Caddyfile? If so, how?

So, far, I have: {
        redir /blog /blog/
        reverse_proxy* http://ghost_server_ip:2368

        reverse_proxy* http://ghost_server_ip:2368

        reverse_proxy / myleadpagesip
        reverse_proxy /* myleadpagesip/{uri}

Also: How do I test it without doing the changes in my Cloudflare yet?

Thank you so much to anyone who helps,

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That said, you’re probably looking for the rewrite directive:

Please also read about how request matching works:


Will take a look and upload my question in this category if needed, thanks.

Posted with the right form here: Writing a CaddyFile for Reverse Proxy

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