Serving images without extension from Laravel Valet

Laravel Valet serving jpeg files with no extension with wrong size and changed checksum of-course.
I’m posting information about an example file, the file with .0 at the end is downloaded through valet.

$ls -la
-rw-r–r-- 23905
-rw-r–r-- 23750

$ls -la
$ md5 f2b40f33d19b147bc8d0e88f4b8c489e35c165dd
MD5 (f2b40f33d19b147bc8d0e88f4b8c489e35c165dd) = 9b5d3e104764e4b4c2b9e942704091f1
$ md5 f2b40f33d19b147bc8d0e88f4b8c489e35c165dd.0
MD5 (f2b40f33d19b147bc8d0e88f4b8c489e35c165dd.0) = 944e47ce0ccd4da18b7761af0e5f0226

I tried adding a mime to CaddyFile but it seems caddy does not support mime for files with no extension. I tried the following:

mime . image/jpeg
mime .* image/jpeg
mime * image/jpeg

Same file with a .jpeg extension is ok, what’s wrong?

Not related to caddy, thats with Valet.

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