Server push not working on Caddy 0.10.2 for HTTP/2 or QUIC

I am trying to enable Server Push on my site

I have tried modifying some of the simple examples documented in the http.push chapter, however push never seems to happen.

As an example, my site is currently configured to push several JS files once a request is made for, however I don’t see a push happen over either HTTP/2 or QUIC.

I don’t have my Caddyfile to hand but it is suite simple, just TLS and gzip enabled. QUIC is enabled via a command line option.

I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 and installed Caddy via installation script. journalctl doesn’t report any error, I’m unsure if there are other logs to check for debug info.

The underlying QUIC library does not yet support HTTP/2 server push: add support for HTTP/3 server push · Issue #372 · lucas-clemente/quic-go · GitHub

Ok that explains the QUIC bit thanks!

I’m sure that I did not see push working for HTTP/2 but just retesting now in a Chrome instance (that cannot talk UDP), I see that main.css is being reported as pushed. Firefox is refusing to negotiate HTTP/2…

Since I’m seeing inconsistent results, I’ll do some more testing…

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Testing implies that H2 server push does work as intended.

I hope to prepare a PR for server push support in QUIC and will respond to this topic once I have a testable service up.

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