Serve Video/Audio

Can I use Caddy to serve Video and Audio from my website?

How about live streaming?


Caddy is perfectly capable of providing streaming video and audio. In fact, you can do this with no other software at all, for example using the built-in browse directive (and a modern web browser).

For example, I have some mp3 files in the webroot of one of my sites I serve with Caddy via browse. Clicking on them in Chrome streams the file straight to playback. If you want a more advanced interface, you’d want to instead use Caddy to proxy an app like Subsonic.

Live streaming is a much trickier enterprise, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of self hosted software you could use, and make use of Caddy’s proxying to serve the front end.

edit: This project looks pretty cool - give that a shot and proxy it via Caddy to serve its built-in interface over HTTPS. Push to it via RTMP (Open Broadcasting Software) and viewers stream in H.264 or WebM.