Self signed tls isn't getting activated


I’m using:

Caddy 0.11.0 (non-commercial use only)

With this Caddyfile:

sample.domain {
    proxy /
    tls self-signed

But whenever I run caddy it ask me to agree on using let’s encrypt to generate the certificate. And whether I agree or not it fails to create the certificate.

Hi @German_Podesta,

The correct syntax for a self-signed certificate is tls self_signed, with an underscore instead of the dash used in the Caddyfile you posted.

The other information that can can be specified this way is an email, so I expect Caddy interprets self-signed as the email address you want to create an ACME account for (which would be invalid anyway).

Oh, this also explains why when I used a valid email using the command line it wasn’t being correctly taken.

That makes perfect sense, thanks for your help.

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