Seeking advice for Caddy implementation

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I don’t have any current issues, but I’m looking for some advice for my first crack at reverse proxy using Caddy. Hopefully I’ve come to the right place.

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Not applicable at this point

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4. How I installed and ran Caddy:

Currently only installed on my mac using homebrew

a. System environment:

MacOS Sonoma 14.0 (23A344)

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6. My Post

Some background. We have an older server running Ubuntu 14.10. It is difficult to keep current with handling the SSL/TLS handshake. This causes periods from time to time where we are prevented access by browsers using a secure connection.

So we’d like to use Caddy as a reverse proxy to our web app and let it handle the SSL/TLS connection. Ideally, I think, we’d like to run it on a separate server so Caddy is not bogged down by the older technology.

Does this sound like a reasonable approach that would accomplish our goal? If so, would it be better to simply install it on the second server or run it in Docker on that server? And if all we are asking of Caddy it to handle the security layer, it seems like it should be a fairly simple setup or am I missing something?

Finally, if it sounds doable, if you have any links to articles, demos, or tutorials that show the best way to approach implementation, they would be greatly appreciated (i have already gone through much of the getting started stuff).

I appreciate any advice you can provide!

Wow, you really need to upgrade that. That’s really far out of support. You certainly have plenty of security vulnerabilities by continuing to use that, even if you put a proxy in front of it.

That’s a good start, but yeah you really should upgrade that Ubuntu server ASAP.

It might be as simple as: {
	reverse_proxy your-other-servers-ip:8080

But you have described anything about your app so I can’t help any further.

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