[Script] Install Ghost blogs with Caddy as a reverse proxy

Hello there everyone!

I’ve created a bash script that can install Ghost blogs on your server, with Caddy as reverse proxy.

Setup is fully automated with minimal user input. A freshly installed Ubuntu LTS or Debian 8 VPS with at least 256MB RAM is required. I look forward to hearing your feedback/suggestion.

Github: GitHub - sayem314/Ghost-over-Caddy: This repo/script will install Ghost blog over Caddy web server as a reverse proxy.

Update: NAT VPS is supported now, but you can’t use https on NAT environment.


Ghost in the shell? :laughing:

This is cool Sayem! Thanks for sharing. I’m sure many people can find this useful.

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Love the commenting in this script, too. Easy to follow along.

Glad you liked :blush: More comments added on updated version :slight_smile:

A little update. Support for NAT vps and lower RAM has been added. Test and let me know if you have any issue installing :slight_smile:

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