Rewrite Response Status Code


Is there a way with Caddy to rewrite the response status code on a condition? I hoped to achieve this with rewrite but it didn’t work out. Apparently it works like this with nginx:

error_page 403 =404 /404.html;

I want to rewrite 403 to 404 for a very specific use-case in bitwarden, which is described here

I think I cannot use the status directive since I don’t know which endpoint will trigger the 403 error. So yes, I want to rewrite all 403 to 404 for a specific host.

That’s what I tried:

rewrite {
    if {status} is 403
    to {status} 404


I don’t believe this is possible.

The status and rewrite directives operate earlier than proxy does in the middleware chain, so by the time Caddy has a response from upstream, it’s already too late to rewrite or issue a status manually.

This block of code dictates the order in which middleware operates on any given request.

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