Rewrite on {>Accept-Language}


I’m currently struggling with rewrite based on the Client-Browser’s Accept-Language.

My public_html folder looks like this:
→ there is no index.html file! (so simply accessing domain.tld brings up a 404 without any rewrite rule)

Currently, i’m using the following code (and also played around a bit with the {path} directives but without any result, still getting a 404):

rewrite / {
if {>Accept-Language} has de
to {path} {path}/ /index-de.html
rewrite / {
if {>Accept-Language} not_has de
to {path} {path}/ /index-en.html

Would be glad if you could help me to get this properly working :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Unsure why that rewrite isn’t working, but I note what you’re doing looks very similar to the example on this github page for the Caddy locale middleware.

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