Reverse proxy implentation / features

I use caddy as http/s reverse proxy or webserver and both works fine!

Anyone tested special setups like activesync or OutlookAnywhere? I don’t know the limitation of the proxy implementation.

Could caddy be used as TCP proxy too?

I think right now it only does http. But 0.9 allows plugins to make other server types I believe.


There is no need to support all the services, but it would be a nice feature. :wink:
At the Moment there are services which needs different reproxy Setups with apache, nginx, squid or haproxy.

I don’t know the differences, but use just caddy for most use cases would be a benefit.

Personally, I think Caddy core should stick with http. While I could see why some folks may want a generic TCP proxy in Caddy, I think it adds unnecessary complexity to the code base. I also doubt enough people would use the feature to make it worth it since NGINX is already such a good reverse proxy. Caddy as a web server has some converts from NGINX (and others like Apache) because of its unique value adds from a web server perspective (e.g., easy config, auto https, nice developer workflow support).

All this being said, I’m sure the community would support a TCP proxy plugin if someone developed it.

I’m not a developer (Caddy or otherwise) so don’t take my response for more than it’s worth.


It will.

On a technical level, Caddy core itself doesn’t implement any kind of specific server type. The HTTP server is a plugin just like any other, but it’s one that we assume responsibility for and it lives in the same repo. (Which I know is what you meant.)

I second @mvance’s suggestion: if you want TCP proxying, implement a TCP server type for Caddy. All the pieces are there, even for fully managed TLS; all you have to do is write a few lines to hook into it.

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I habe no experience with caddy / go.
So I can’t write that plugin myself in the near future.

But good to know it’s possible and should be easy with some knowledge. Thanks!

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