Reverse proxy for more than one domain name error

As shown in the figure, how to avoid a user’s access to load once, and go through a reverse proxy. What is shown on the map is staggered. Often leads to errors. Give me a demo, thank you

  • to is the destination endpoint to proxy to. At least one is required, but multiple may be specified. If a scheme (http/https/quic/srv) is not specified, http is used. Unix sockets may also be used by prefixing “unix:”. QUIC connections are experimental, but to try it, just use “quic://” for the scheme. Service discovery using SRV lookup is supported. If the endpoint starts with srv:// or srv+https:// it will be considered as a service locator and Caddy will attempt to resolve available services via SRV DNS lookup.
  • policy is the load balancing policy to use; applies only with multiple backends. May be one of random, least_conn, round_robin, first, ip_hash, uri_hash, or header. If header is chosen, the header name must also be provided. Default is random. This setting is not applicable if destination is a service locator.

From these parts of the proxy documentation, we know that multiple proxy upstreams will be, by default, randomly selected for each request.

So, by proxying to and, when you browse to the site, half the assets will be loaded from the former, and half from the latter. This is probably not what you want to achieve.

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