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Update: Error was not caused by Caddy. Sorry :pensive:


I’m using Caddy (0.10.6) as a reverse-proxy for a backend http service: {
log stdout
errors stdout

limits 1GB

proxy / backend:5000 {


However uploading just a 9MB file will trigger HTTP 413

I tried to specify Limits globally, I also tried to set head and body sizes, nothing worked. I also get no error message, only the request log with status 413.

proxy_1 | - - [25/Aug/2017:17:02:40 +0000] “POST /api/endpoint HTTP/2.0” 413 45

Any idea?

There’s no error in the logs because 413 is a client-side error. Are you sure the backend service isn’t returning 413?

If you have Go installed, would you mind doing a little tinkering to figure out where the issue is?

Sorry, my bad.

I can confirm the backend service was implemented using a framework that has a default size limit of 8MB.

Caddy works fine.

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