Remove foot mark "served with caddy and file manager"

I am using file manager to share files to my client. but I dont want to show this sentence at the bottom,
can some one help?

I achieved this for my sites by taking the browse template from the Caddy source files and removing that particular line, then supplying my modified template to the browse directive.

can you be more specify as I am new to caddy and many thanks!

i found this, which I guess what you mean, but how can I make a exe file running on windows platform after I remove the footer below?

thanks in advance

Served with Caddy.
		Served with <a rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">Caddy</a>.

From the Caddy browse directive docs:

browse [path [tplfile]]

  • tplfile is the location of a template file to use.

You want a template that’s identical to the default, but without the “Served by Caddy”, so make a file on your computer somewhere that contains the template contained in the source linked above, remove the line in question, then point Caddy to it in your Caddyfile.

Is this about the filemanager plugin?

Face palm moment!

For the filemanager addon, I see you can supply a style sheet. Maybe you could target the “Served by” line with a display: none;?

yes , it is not just web server plus also file manager, my display shows “serverd with canddy and file manager”

yes , it is not just web server plus also file manager,

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