Redis storage for certificates (Caddy 2)


I used to utilize the Redis TLS plugin in Caddy 1 and want to be moving over to Caddy 2 but for obvious reasons I can’t really load balance across machines with multiple certificates on each (especially On Demand with the ask directive as essentially I have too many certicates to keep on all my servers). Wondering if there’s any plans to allow for storage of certicates in a database such as Redis or I’ll just haver to wait for a third party to publish such? Any suggestions or alternatives would be appreciated :slight_smile:

You can find the list of supported plugins here:

There’s already a Redis plugin!

Thanks. However, I’m aware of this. It’s not working when I attempt to build from source, I looked on their errors and it seems others are facing the same issue, too: Can't build with latest version of Caddy · Issue #8 · gamalan/caddy-tlsredis · GitHub

Quoting myself from that issue:

Looks like caddy 2 support is still in a beta tag, which Go modules won’t use automatically. Specificy the version manually by appending @VERSION to the module name (replacing VERSION with a commit or tag).

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